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It's Never Just a Cough

Six-Second YouTube and Social


Six-Second OLV for New Product Launch 

About This Project

Robitussin Honey is the first product to combine the homeopathic benefits of honey with the medicated power of Robitussin. 


Research showed us that when people were coughing and feeling sick, they would turn to social media to vent or seek out sympathy. So we responded in kind by bringing the cough to life in a series of relatable office moments. 

 We also provided real-time, contextual responses to people in cough or sickness moments—like their during air-travel—reminding them to treat their cough. 

We evaluated all the scenarios against social best practices by ​​​introducing the brand within 3 seconds, keeping our short-form video engaging with a disruptive hook, keeping the video to :06 - :10, and producing with sound off consideration. 



ECD: Kinney Edwards

ACD/Writer: Adrian Dickerson, Maggie McClurkin

Art Director: Nikki Albrecht, Maggie McClurkin

Producer: Laura Benjamin

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