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A Film Series about Relationships

About This Project

We wanted to honestly reflect the shift from pet ownership to pet parenting. From caretaker—feed it, walk it, play fetch from time-to-time—to a true family member. We needed to find a way to emotionally connect and educate people on the difference proactive choices can make in their pet’s lives. 


To show the true value of pet health, we needed to share inspiring stories that went beyond the usual functional care messages and built upon something truly relatable. We created "Dogumentaries," a series of real, unscripted and heartening tales of companionship, recovery, and adventure. 


All videos were intentionally shot wide with a center-cut 4:3 for social. We created 30-second and 15-second cutdowns, as well as Facebook Canvas, carousel, and display. 

The Good News

The positive engagement led to a 3.8% lift in sales of the IAMS ProActive Health line. The media also took notice.



ECD: Kinney Edwards

ACD/Writer: Adrian Dickerson

Copywriter: Erik Donham

Producer: Dana Eisenburg


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