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Awarded Digital and Social

Facebook Hub

Small Business Saturday was one of the first campaigns to make Facebook its central nervous system. Turnkey toolkits helped employers to build social media followers, customize signage, buy ads, and create offers. Consumers could link their AMEX card for offers, find participating stores, and share their enthusiasm. 

Small Business Welcome Kit

Promotional Mailers

We sent these to businesses accepting AMEX cards. The pieces helped to raise awareness of the new campaign and gave business owners reasons to believe why their engagement was a smart move. 

Storefront Activations

Following the promotional mailers, we sent sticker decals for their store fronts and invited them to visit the Facebook hub to create their social media presence. 

Small Business Saturday landing page and email to small business owners.jpg

Email Blasts

Along with direct mail, emails were sent out small business owners to get them excited and ready for the day. 

About This Project

After the housing plunge, American Express wanted to help the economy, from the bottom up. The Shop Small movement provided tools and needed traffic to its small-business customers and gave incentives to cardholders to help strengthen the relationship between those mom-and-pop stores and their own customers. 

The Good News


The campaign won every major award. Mostly because of the promotional work done. Barack Obama tweeted about it. And making it an official day was a (rare) bipartisan congressional resolution in 2012.

The Small Business Saturday Facebook community doubled to over 2.7 million fans. Over 500,000 small business owners leveraged the promotional tools we provided online and off to advocate for their business and spread the word about the big day


NOTE: While I can't take credit for the idea—we did not come up with it—my partner and I were the lead creatives for every promotional touchpoint: CRM, ECRM, FB site, promo tweets, FB posts, and all the promo videos. I also wrote the Twitter and FB turnkey content for small businesses. It allowed them to copy and paste my words onto their social media pages to easily promote their business. I'm happy to be listed on everything, but only the promo work and the FB awards were truly ours. 

Campaign Awards: 

Cannes Lions 2012:

Direct, Financial Product & Service: Grand Prix
Promo and Activation, Financial Product & Service: Grand Prix
Direct, Best Integrated Campaign Led by Direct Marketing: Silver
Promo & Activation, Best use of Social Media in a Promotional Campaign: Silver:
PR, Financial Services: Bronze
Best Digitally Led Integrated Campaign: Cyber Gold
Other Interactive Digital Solutions: Cyber Silver
Viral Marketing: Cyber Silver
Titanium and Integrated: Silver

Clio Awards 2012
Facebook Integrated Media Gold Award
Interactive Campaign Gold Award
Integrated Campaign Silver Award


2012 One Show
Gold Pencil: Brand Transformation


2012 PMA Reggie Awards
Best Cause, Green, or Social Responsibility Marketing Campaign
Best Social Media Campaign
Best Retailer-Specific Campaign


New York Festivals 2012
World's Best Idea - Integrated Campaign


Facebook Studio 2012 Awards Blue Award Winner


CCO: Lincoln Bjorkman

ECD: Matt Dercole

CD: Atit Shah, Michael Tagle

ACD: Jenny Awasano

Writer: Adrian Dickerson, Ashley Berndt

Art Director: Albert Ocampo

Producer: Sabrina Coulston


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