3 Musketeers 

Integrated Campaign Inspiring a Behavioral Shift

Billy Swipe-to-See

 Snapchat Teaser

Maddie Swipe-to-See 

Snapchat Teaser 

Tiana Swipe-to-See Snapchat Teaser

Billy Snapchat Reveal

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Behind the Scenes Bumpers

We took behind-the-scenes footage to further explain "Throwshine" and used them for 6-second  YouTube bumpers. 

Social GIFS

We created stop-motion .gifs of bars and scenes from the films on Facebook and Instagram


Packaging with copy lines


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Social Animations


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Community Love

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Instore Promo and Custom Bar Share

About This Project

Being a teen is tough—They're emotional, self-conscious, and beholden to the harsh world of social media. Also, 3Musketeers had been losing relevancy with teenagers and we needed to fix it.


The idea was to shift teen behavior from throwing shade to Throwing Shine by sparking conversation between teens (in person and online) and inspiring the share of positivity instead of negativity. 

The Good News

Increased 3M sales for the first time in 4 years 
Brand favorability tripled YouTube’s Best in Class benchmark (5-14%)
117.7MM views
524,400,000 impressions

Avg. Watch Time of Films: 1:15/1:30


ECD: Kinney Edwards

GCD: Steph Carey

Writer: Adrian Dickerson, Steph Carey

Art Director: Becky Kitlan

Producer: Dana Eisenberg