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Milky Way

Television and Social

Social Cut-downs with Graphics

About This Project

Mars loved the work we did for 3 Musketeers, so they took the "Sorry" campaign away from DDB Chicago and gave it to us. We wrote a gazillion scripts, and in the end they were split between two. So they made one a regular Milky Way spot and used the other, "Stagehand," for the launch of Milky Way Fudge. 

The "MMM Sorry" line and graphics were developed by us for social media and to meet channel best practices. 


ECD: Kinney Edwards

GCD: Steph Carey

ACD: Adrian Dickerson, Becky Kitlan

Writer: Kinney Edwards, Shaunah Zimmerman

Art Director: Becky Kitlan

Producer: Dana Eisenberg

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